Professional Salon Ozone Micro Mist Hair Steamer

Model: YBL-1408D
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Product NameStanding Professional Multifunctional Hair Spa Steamer Beauty Salon Equipment
FunctionSteaming, O3 Ozone, Nano-mist (warm & cool)
Three ModesHair Dyeing, Hair Care, Oil Treatment
LocationBeauty Salon/Barber
Water Tank1700 ml
Height127~149cm/50~58.7 inch
Packing Size87*42*43 cm
Voltage110V~240V 50/60HZ
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Ultrasonic Micro Mist

Warm Micro Mist

The red light wavelength acts repeatedly to deepen, stimulate hair follicles, promote blood circulation, increase protein, and have a good effect on treating hair thinning. Open the hair scales to absorb the intervening substances.

Cool Micro Mist

Accelerate the absorption, lock the nutrient content, so that the hair can achieve a smooth effect and accelerate the closure of the hair scales.


Ozone can be beneficial for hair and scalp problems. Ozone treatment is a scalp and hair procedure which converts oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3) and diffuses into the hair shaft and strengthens hair follicles. This treatment process addresses common hair problems including hair loss, hair breakage, dandruff, premature graying. Ozone therapy also enhances the volume of hair.

Jumbo liftable Hood

Top hood design helps to check if the hair is heated or cooled in good condition. The hood adopt resistance axis to buffer down.

Upgraded Power Design
The switch button is not visible on the bottom of the hair styling machine. Please ensure safety and guarantee when using.
Detachable Water Tank
Fill up water easily, transparency of the water tank allow user to monitor water level Water tank: 1700 ml, Waster water bottle: 270 ml.
Stand with Caster
Rolling, floor stand & movable, easy to move, quickly locked for barbering salon. Standing Adjustable height (127~147cm/50~58.7inch) can be controlled by turning the knob.
Hair Steamer Cap
size:29*23cm/ 11.4*9 inch material: Cotton cloth Only for YBL-1408 hair steamer. The steamer cap quantity can be customized for hygiene needs.


Main Machine1 pcs
Swivel Casters4 pcs
Head Cover1 pcs
Hair Steamer Cap1 pcs
Foot Bracket1 pcs
Stand Column1 pcs
English Manual1 pcs
Toolbag1 pcs

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