5 in 1 High Frequency Hair Scalp Analyzer Machine for Hair Spa

5 in 1 High Frequency Hair Scalp Analyzer Machine for Hair Spa

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Principle of scalp physiotherapy machine: to regenerate the hair, the new technology of scalp care can be done in one machine, wake up the aging hair follicles, promote the natural growth of the hair, deeply nourish, stabilize the hair roots and reproduce the hair plump and healthy. Purify scalp, remove bacteria, dredge hair follicle channels, deeply purify scalp, remove hair follicle impurities, adjust oil balance Micro-current stimulates scalp nerves, massages scalp appoints, promotes scalp blood circulation, restores withered hair, restores vitality, and repairs damaged hair.

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5 in 1 combination:

① HD Scalp Detector

It is equipped with 50x and 200x magnifying lens with a 7-inch screen.

②Meridian Brush(Vibrator)

Micro-electric massage scalp tissue, unclog clogged hair follicles, promote blood circulation,balance scalp secretions, stimulates hair follicle cells to regrow new hair.


Thermal effect and anaerobic have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It uses the vibration of high-frequency current to generate thermal effect and ozone to improve skin.

④High-frequency Massager

It massages on your scalp and helps to relieve your fatigue. With high-frequency, it also helps to absorb the active ingredients.

⑤Nano Sprayer

It can spray the effective skin-care products on your scalp precisely such as serum and essence.


Model Number: YBL-2206

Feature: Scalp Analyzer

Function: Hair Spa

Color: White

Magnification: 50X / 200X

Style: Table type

Resolution: 1024*768 pixels;

1 set/carton;

G.W: 6.5kg/carton;

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